Every now and then I still come across people saying they’re still using Windows XP to do their streaming from.

No To XP

Windows XP was discontinued at least 6 years ago now. Its likely to be insecure due to the amount of holes that will never be patched by Microsoft.

If You’re deadly serious about Internet Radio you need to upgrade that hardware/software.

I recently went computer shopping on eBay as I had some spare cash from TechMonkey’s inheritance.

I was sceptical if eBay could deliver what I wanted but after lots of searching I came across what seemed like a bargain.

32GB RAM, 240 SSD, 3.9Ghz i5 Intel processor Windows 10 Pro

SO I took a punt on it.

Dell desktop Refurbished

I ended up paying £287.99 ($353) which is at least £700 cheaper than my first PC with XP 512MB RAM and that cost me just over £1000 in 2001

So far this shiny refurbished computer is doing what I wanted it to automate my music collection.

I can’t understand the excuses from people not wanting to upgrade their computers from Windows XP.

New computers are inherently faster than they were when XP came out in 2001. A lot of newer software is only designed to run on Windows 7/8/10.

Its really NOT expensive to buy a computer anymore

A refurbished machine will cost you less but its just as good as buying new.

If you can’t afford it outright then save your pennies. Cut out a few luxuries for a while and et viola you’ll soon have enough to spend on an upgraded machine.

You don’t have to do as I’ve done and have silly amounts of RAM. 4GB/8GB Machines don’t cost that much if you go to the right vendor or website.

But really if you’re still using XP I don’t see your fascination in staying with that operating system it was bloody awful when I used it…

A newer computer will give you better stability and reliability.

STOP! Being tight and upgrade that computer you know it makes sense!