People go to the RadioDJ forums looking for friendly & helpful advice and tips on using the software & 99.8% of the time that is what they get.

However my latest look at the RadioDJ forums didn’t make for great reading.

There’s one user on there at the moment who seems really condescending towards people wanting help and advice.

People want helpful friendly answers! What people don’t want are snotty half arsed remarks telling them to RTFM (Read the F*****g Manual).

Try explaining to new users about searching the forums rather than “Just search the forums you moron” type answers not everyone is familiar with how forums work.

If someone asks for a link to a tutorial for a particular plugin then help them by posting a link to that tutorial or post.

I’m actually surprised he’s getting away with crap like this. It’s making the RadioDJ forums look like an “unfriendly” place to ask for help.

When the majority of users on the forums are usually very helpful.


Start giving helpful advice and try being friendly you might find people will respect you better. As it stands right now no one will give a toss what you have to say while you’re being nasty and sarcastic towards them.

“If you can’t be friendly and helpful just leave the RadioDJ forums and don’t log on ever again”

There is NO excuse for being difficult with people. No one cares if you have other problems going on in life.

Last updated on: June 1st, 2017
at 10:44 AM Europe/London

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