To say things have been a little bit quiet on the Broadcasting World forum lately would be an understatement.

One of the users made this observation over the weekend.

“Wow, if it wasn’t for the Russian dating person, the forum would be dead!”


The problem is though when people do use the forum for it’s intended use, they get bitchy, unhelpful replies from other users, who it appears just want to moan and backbite all the flaming time.

You can never have a sensible conversation on the Broadcasting World forums without someone taking offence or slinging abuse in some shape or form.

God forbid you should want to try and promote something on the forums or dispel a few myths about software, they don’t like that either and just they accuse you of spamming. So is there any wonder people don’t want to post anything on there?

The world of radio broadcasting always has been weird, I’ve never known any other group of people be so self centered, shallow and out for what they can get.

The “to hell with everyone else” attitude is wearing a bit thin these days, Mind it’s not just online radio it’s also people involved in various hospital radio stations.

Yes I had a bad experience with hospital radio too way back in the late 1980’s, if your face didn’t fit they didn’t like you, not to mention a homophobic station manager.

OK so if a forum isn’t getting used for what it was intended for then maybe just maybe it’s time the owner of Broadcasting World pulled the plug on it. He’s just wasting money on bandwidth that could be served better by another broadcasting type website.

Things have moved on & no one really seems to use forums much anymore, even the Winamp forums aren’t that busy. They’ve have been on the back foot since the invention of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

No one’s going to post on some random forum where they might not get an answer when there’s more chance of them getting an answer instantly off the internet.

No one would really miss Broadcasting world if it was to suddenly be pulled off the Internet… Would they?

Last updated on: 16th October 2017
at 11:41 AM Europe/London