This is a question somebody asked on the RadioDJ forums earlier today.

“Please could all of you give me some good ideas on cheap microphones I can use with radio DJ that will link into the soundcard of my tower”

We’re guessing this guy wants to just be able to plug a cheap microphone straight into his computer and have the audio from that go through RadioDJ

I posted awhile back about people wanting a Microphone input in RadioDJ to bypass the need for a mixer.

Some people seem to think the Input button in RadioDJ is for a microphone. That’s not what the input button in RadioDJ is for…

RadioDJ doesn’t support microphones plugged directly into the soundcard, because any software processing will add delay and thus, a professional result cannot obtained in that way.

Using a cheap microphone will make you sound awful.

We learned a long time ago that £10 microphones are a false economy when doing DJ work…

Don’t even bother with a USB microphone they don’t always switch off in our experience meaning your voice could still be heard when music is playing.

To get the best results you need to buy a decent microphone and a mixing desk with sliding controls.

A decent microphone should ideally cost £50 and upwards.

Shure SM48 Microphone

One of the best makes of microphones to look out for is Shure

They do some decent broadcast quality vocal microphones.

A decent mixing desk to route your microphone into shouldn’t cost you a fortune either.

Just plugging a cheap microphone into the PC is only going to make you sound like an amateur.

Remember: Crap Sound In = Crap Sound out.

“But I can’t afford an expensive microphone and mixing desk”

Oh yes you can!! “Save Up” It’s what most people in the world of online radio had to do

If you cut out luxuries and put some money to one side every week/month you will soon have enough cash for a decent microphone/mixer.

It took me a few years to get all my equipment together & my whole studio setup didn’t cost a fortune. About 200 quid for the Microphone/Mixing desk/Mic stand/Pop screen etc…

It’s really not that expensive to sound like a pro! Trying to do things on the cheap isn’t going to make your station popular or sound any good!

Last updated on: 21st July 2018
at 18:41 PM Europe/London