Just seen a post from a long time user of SAM Broadcaster who stated that he restarts his copy of SAM every couple of weeks.

“I always re-start my SAM every couple of weeks, or at least, once a month”

Excuse me a minute while I laugh… HA!

When I used SAM Broadcaster I found myself restarting the program at least 3 times a day, It got tedious when it crashed without warning.

With RadioDJ there is NO need for you to restart the software once its up and running providing it has enough music in a rotation to pick from AutoDJ chugs along nicely.

One user had his copy of RadioDJ v1.8.2 running for over 2 years on an old XP laptop without so much as a splutter, I’d call that damn reliable (wouldn’t you?)

Forget paying $$$ to Spacial Audio for SAM Broadcaster Its just not that great at automation it goes wrong often and sometimes it requires a complete re-install because it won’t start after a reboot of the computer running it.

RadioDJ is far more powerful than SAM Broadcaster in every way shape and form, It will outperform SAM everytime.

You can find out more information about how to setup RadioDJ Here

Make the switch to RadioDJ today you’ll be glad when you don’t have to restart software every couple of days/weeks.

Last updated on: 7th September 2018
at 14:12 PM Europe/London