I was born in 1972 when Little Jimmy Osmond – Long haired lover from Liverpool was at No1 in the UK charts.

I grew up with a strange mix of music in the house I grew up in. My Dad would play a mix of country music and oldies.

Where as my brothers were at the stage where they were influenced by Punk.

Sham 69 – Joy Division – Sex Pistols – The Clash  – The Lurkers – The Undertones were just a few of the bands they were into.

My first awakening of popular music was listening to Radio Luxembourg 208 MW under the bed covers on my little battery operated solid state radio.

Then in 1984 I became a listener of Viking Radio 102.7 FM I ended up being a regular listener to the station.

Later on Viking became part of the Yorkshire radio network. Hallam, Aire, Viking and Pennine all joined together with networked programs. Now owned by Bauer Media.

In March 1987 I was sent to a youth centre to get me more involved with people my own age (Yes I was SHY).

That evening I helped the DJ out and had a great night. Later that evening the DJ got into a fight inside the youth centre.

A week later I showed up at the youth centre to be told I was doing the disco! Here’s the keys said the head youth worker.

Although I was nervous I seemed to instantly hit it off with the crowd!

In 1988 I won the “Humberside Youth Association DJ Competition”. The future looked bright (Although it ended up being anything but!)

That was the beginning of what has turned out to a long journey as a DJ. I’ve done discos in some strange venues over the years.

In 2002 I got into Internet radio and have worked for a few stations doing 80s music shows.

I’ve all but given up DJ work these days although I still love my music and help out promoting free software.

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