When you pay a company for software or services you would hope your card details are going to be safe with them wouldn’t you?

This doesn’t appear to be the case with @Spacial audio…

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It appears Spacial have attempted to take money from people’s bank accounts even if those users are not using their services anymore or at least this was the case for a couple of users that we were made aware of via social media.

Spacial Audio have come back with their usual bog standard reply:

Yet the guy claims he hasn’t seen these emails about renewing. Sod your terms and conditions Spacial Audio!

A subscription for a piece of software shouldn’t be on Auto-Renew.

It should always be down to the customer if they wish to continue subscribing to your software or not!

Why people still trust Spacial Audio with their payment & credit card details is beyond us. We know we wouldn’t.

@spacial Hi there, I cancelled my subscription for Sam Broadcaster a week or two ago and I just got charged £113 this has caused massive problems for me financially, I really hope this can be refunded and stopped from happening again.

Said: Tommy Gibson on Twitter

No more having to keep an eye on your bank account just incase a software company takes money they weren’t entitled too.

Forget taking out subscriptions for Spacial Audio software and just use FREE software instead such as RadioDJ

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You won’t be left out of pocket from using the software.

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I can’t abide software companies who think they can do as they damn well please when it comes to customers card details!

Rather than deal with issues Spacial Audio just bury their heads in the sand and cannot deal with customers in a timely fashion.

P.S: If any of the facts in this article were false don’t you think Spacial Audio and Triton Digital would have set their lawyers on me?

The facts on this website speak for themselves I just relay what has happened to some unlucky users.

Who were unfortunate to pay for below par software.

Last updated on: 30th April 2020
at 17:43 PM Europe/London