I saw a tweet on Twitter yesterday…

“RadioDJ has been out for a while, but I can’t find unbiased reviews ANYWHERE that are not posted by @DJGaryBaldy

Why is it people think my views on RadioDJ are biased? I can’t help it if I like the software.

This website is dedicated to RadioDJ because it’s the Best piece of software we’ve ever used to play music.

It’s a dream to use and just works when you need it.


Had “other radio automation software” been up to the same standard as RadioDJ then that would have been praised in the same way… I could never get decent crossfading/sound/stability from other music/automation software solutions.

Just because I’m passionate about a piece of free software, It doesn’t make my views on that piece of software any less valid.

I really wish people would STOP giving me grief for promoting RadioDJ.

Reading other replies from the same person it sounds like he didn’t want to listen to my point of view anyway.

“I’m just looking for neutral reviews not posted by you or on the RadioDJ website, you promote your software in a misleading way”

If you don’t believe other users reviews/testimonials about the software then there is NO hope for you.

I certainly don’t mislead anyone either so you can stop it right now with that accusation!

The Testimonials on the RadioDJ forums are 100% valid and truthful.

Those testimonials have all been written by other users of the software. No one has forced them to write anything about the software.

Note: You’ll notice there aren’t many negative reviews about RadioDJ, This is because it’s a piece of software that does exactly what it’s supposed to do.

RadioDJ free radio automation software

Download RadioDJ v2

Yet again I find myself having to state: No one forces anyone to use RadioDJ its suggested as an alternative to other [badly coded] software!

Just read the reviews and try the software for yourself you might actually be pleasantly surprised how good RadioDJ is at automating music/jingles/promos etc…

Last updated on: 19th July 2017
at 15:03 PM Europe/London