More customers of Spacial Audio complaining on Social Media that their software isn’t working when they want to use it…

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One user has been having major issues trying to get SAM Broadcaster to work as intended.

That doesn’t sound good! Does it? Losing listeners or not being able to DJ because SAM Broadcaster won’t work properly is NOTHING new.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard DJ’s complaining they couldn’t do a live radio show because SAM Broadcaster had gone wrong!

More often than not we see complaints from DJ’s and radio station owners stating that the software wouldn’t activate or they had major issues connecting to the cloud services.

Spacial have had years now to start improving things. When in reality they’ve done nothing to the program with very few new features added since SAM Broadcaster v4.x.x.

Instead Spacial Audio have ploughed head first into offering a yearly subscription based model alongside a cloud based solution.

The SAM Broadcaster Cloud system has been plagued with several problems from frequent outages to people having trouble connecting SAM Broadcaster Live DJ to their servers.

People wouldn’t have these issues if only they switched software to something that does indeed work.

RadioDJ free radio automation software doesn’t crash like SAM Broadcaster and all it’s various incarnations.

RadioDJv2 free radio automation software

We’ve NEVER had RadioDJ crash or go wrong while doing a recorded show or even a live show. Something that happened all the time with SAM.

OK so RadioDJ doesn’t come with a cloud server backup BUT it will work far better at automating the music in your studio than SAM Broadcaster ever could.

How To Install RadioDJ

If you really needed the “Cloud” part you could rent a Windows server based VPS and run RadioDJ/Shoutcast on that as a backup for your station/stream.

SAM Broadcaster has never been stable enough to do a live show or even run a radio station with.

Spacial Audio don’t seem to care about customer support after you pay $$$ for their services or software.

If you’re reading this and having similar issues, We hope our suggestion of RadioDJ helped you and stops you posting things like “I Can No Longer DJ With SAM Broadcaster” on Social media.

No one should have their hobby or even profession ruined by software that doesn’t work.

We know from experience how frustrating it is when SAM Broadcaster goes horribly wrong during a live radio show.

The message is still the same: STOP paying Spacial for SAM Broadcaster and SAM Broadcaster Cloud. They can’t seem to get anything to work as it was intended.

Last updated on: 5th September 2019
at 13:19 PM Europe/London