Yet again another new RadioDJ user complaining on the forums about the fact RadioDJ doesn’t have a built in microphone button.

People have already been told the reason it doesn’t have a built in microphone input is down to latency issues.

This is what Marius had to say to the latest user wanting a mic input.

Of course it isn’t if your serious about Internet radio.

RadioDJ doesn’t need a microphone input. Just use a mixer to process the audio before it’s sent to the PC


You can wire a mixer into the (blue) line in socket of the PC and get your encoding program to pick the sound up from stereo mix or you can achieve the same thing using Virtual Audio cables to send the final audio to the encoding program.

“But I can’t afford a mixing desk”

STOP talking crap! Save up if you have to. I had to scrimp and save to be able to afford my studio/audio equipment.

A decent 4 channel mixing desk should only cost you about £90/$140. You can buy them cheap enough online from sites like @eBay

There are also some RadioDJ users getting great results using Voice Meeter Banana to sort their audio mixing out.

It’s all worth it in the long run as you will sound a lot more professional.

How you eventually wire your studio up is up to you though!

There are plenty of tutorials on websites like You tube for things like that.

Stop expecting too much from a piece of FREE software. RadioDJ is only the studio music automation program. Not a full studio solution.

Stop expecting software to do everything for you!

Last updated on: 13th July 2019
at 15:40 PM Europe/London