Saw an advert pop up on social media recently from someone promoting a website called “How to use RadioDJ”

howtouseradiodjNothing wrong with a website promoting RadioDJ I hear you say?

Well yes and NO

The guy behind the website wants to charge you $$$ for support with a FREE piece of software.


Most of the subjects covered by his videos have already been covered on Youtube completely free from other users of the software. Some of the free videos on the site are at least 3 years out of date (v1.7.4?)

He charges users $20 an hour for remote support sessions which is a bit cheeky if you ask me when you can get free help and advice on the RadioDJ forums.

Although if setup properly in the first place you shouldn’t have any issues.

We’ve spent the best part of 9 years giving help and advice for FREE for RadioDJ we’re offended that someone has the Gaul to charge people money for help with the software!

We’ve worked really hard to write tutorials for the program on this blog in our free time and have never charged anybody to view those posts.

We imagine this “How to use RadioDJ” website is likely to offend some of the RadioDJ community members who have also given so much of their time for free as well

To the owner of the website in question: We suggest you stop charging people for help with a FREE piece of software.

“We think NO one should be charged for help or support with a FREE piece of software”

How to use RadioDJ? Just search the RadioDJ community forums or this website for friendly FREE advice.

It pains me to have to bring this to peoples attention but it had to be said.

Last updated on: 7th July 2019
at 09:37 AM Europe/London