How to Uninstall/Clean MySQL from Windows completely?

1) Run Command Prompt (Type cmd into the search menu in Windows 8/10) and run it as Administrator and execute the following commands to stop and remove MySQL service.

Step 1: Net stop MySQL
Step 2: SC delete MySQL

The service should now be gone.

Go to Control Panel>Programs>Programs and Features, select MySQL Server and click Uninstall.

3) Open Windows Explorer and go to Organize > Folder and search options, Select the “View” tab and under “Hidden files and Folders” choose “Show hidden files and folders”. Now explore the following locations and delete following folders.

Note: You will need to enable Hidden items in file manager in order to get to the hidden program data files

C:\Program Files\MySQL
C:\Program Files (x86)\MySQL
And if exists, delete it too

Its also probably worth scanning and fixing the registry for anything that’s been left behind using a program to repair your registry and clear out any old files.

4) Restart your PC and start installing Maria DB as per the instructions below.

MariaDB Installation

That’s literally all there is to it you should find MariaDB installs without too much hassle once you’ve got rid of MySQL

We hope you found it easy to do!

Last updated on: 25th October 2019
at 10:15 AM Europe/London