The search terms just keep a coming…

“How to Install Patch and Keygen SAM Broadcaster?”

I guess by now the person who made that search will know the answer to that question.

“SAM Broadcaster isn’t crackable anymore like it used to be with key serials and keygens”

Spacial have coded something into the newer demo versions that means you can’t unlock or crack those pieces of software anyway.

I’m going to ask the question again: Why are people bothering with pirated versions of SAM Broadcaster when software like RadioDJ is available for free with no messy registration keys or patches required to unlock the full featured version.

RadioDJ free radio automation software

Download RadioDJ v2

You can find out how to install RadioDJ Here

SAM Broadcaster really isn’t the program the price tag suggests, Its NOT worth cracking let alone purchasing (leasing) & most of the copies we see being hawked on blogs won’t work on Windows 10 anyway.

We guess until every computer in the world is on Windows 10 cracked copies of older versions of Spacial software will still be getting cracked in one fashion or another.

The fascination in cracked copies of SAM Broadcaster baffles us.

We don’t think there’s much Spacial Audio can do much about the problem either TBH.

We see DMCA Pro put in several DMCA reports in every month on behalf of Spacial Audio to try and stem the tide of pirated copies of their software.

Software piracy isn’t big and it certainly isn’t clever!

Last updated on: 17th April 2018
at 14:37 PM Europe/London