I went for a look on the Icecast forums and found some really useful information on How To Get Listed on Icecast.

I had my stream up and running but it wasn’t listing us on the Icecast directory.

I’ve written a short guide to how you get listed on Icecast and InternetRadio.

First you need to find this line in the configuration file


Where it says “localhost” you need to put either the IP or web address where your Icecast server is running from. Save the .xml file & restart Icecast.

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If all goes to plan you should see “yp_currently_playing” in your Icecast admin which then in turn means you are listed publicly on the Icecast YP.

If that fails you need to make sure your directory listing tags look like this


Also make sure the “public” bit of the code looks like this. <public>1</public>

I hope this helps people! Please feel free to pass this information on!!

Update Spetember 2017: Recently a radio listing website owner emailed me asking me to update this post with details of how you can get listed on the website InternetRadio

You just need to add the code to the .xml file as instructed on This page

Thanks for the information Marc

Last updated on: 25th October 2019
at 13:09 PM Europe/London