Looking at the Spacial Audio Facebook page and shaking my head in disbelief at the latest posts from frustrated users.

It seems the platform hosting the cloud services has gone badly wrong again with yet another outage.

We can see why this user is frustrated as SAM Broadcaster Cloud just isn’t that reliable we watch people report outage after outage on Social media.

Only the tenth time eh? You shouldn’t be having any major outages when trying to run a radio station from the cloud.

“Sam Broadcaster Cloud tech support is consistently absent! Very frustrating!”

Mind these users complaining on social media need to be careful because as we’ve blogged before Spacial Audio don’t appear to like it when you start complaining about their software/services. They will hide/remove comments that they don’t like and ban users from their page for daring to complain.

I love it when disgruntled customers of Spacial Audio post the truth about how awful they treat paying customers.

There is NEVER an excuse for awful customer service. We don’t care who you are, you don’t treat paying customers badly.

Spacial Audio don’t appear to know the basics of customer service.

“You don’t terminate a paying customers account because they dare to complain about the poor quality of your software or customer service”

It just strengthens our argument that people SHOULDN’T buy software from @Spacial Audio because they simply won’t get help and support when something goes wrong.

Last updated on: 6th September 2019
at 12:24 PM Europe/London