In all the years I’ve been a DJ I’ve worked in some great places & I’ve lost count of the amount of requests I’ve taken from people for songs at some special event such as birthday or wedding.

Although requests were usually OK, Some nights you would get that one person who constantly kept coming up to the booth or stage demanding you played the song(s) they wanted to hear.


“At one venue I ended up quitting my Friday night DJ position after someone threatened me with violence for not playing the songs he wanted to hear”

What these IDIOTS need to remember is DJ’s are creative people & they’re paid to entertain a crowd!

It takes a lot of skill and thought to get the playlist/set just right for the audience you are entertaining.

Although If you do feel the need to ask a DJ for a request at a party/pub etc…

Don’t start threatening the DJ it will only get your song request put to the very bottom of the playlist!

Last updated on: 15th July 2019
at 10:13 AM Europe/London