We quite often see new users of RadioDJ asking why that the request script doesn’t work on their website.

RadioDJ request script

It could be a number of factors and its probably down to port 3306 not being open on your website servers firewall.

It could also be that port 3306 isn’t unblocked on your home router, Most routers allow you to configure the Firewall/Port settings.

You need to open port 3306 & point the router towards the machine running the MySQL server


Once you have the ports open you then need to point any website scripts to your external IP

$dataip = ""; // IP address
$database = "your_db_name"; // Databse name
$username = "your_db_user";  //database user name
$userpass = "your_db_pass"; // database password
$dataport = "3306";  // database port number

If you’ve entered all your details properly and confirmed the ports are open you should now be seeing your list of songs on your website.

Without access to the MySQL port 3306 you will NOT get any PHP web-scripts running successfully.

I’ve tried explaining this as best I can of course if you get stuck Google is your friend.

Last updated on: 22nd September 2019
at 12:29 PM Europe/London