I keep seeing posts on forums from people having issues with their audio on their Windows machines.

Then in the next sentence they admit to having a Realtek soundcard onboard. (Ye Gods!)

About 15/16 years ago had an XP box with a Realtek soundcard onboard and I could never get the audio to sound right, even with a knowledge of Graphic Equalisers and the like.

I found lots of software didn’t like Realtek soundcards either some software would often crash or lock up because of a soundcard issue.

Realtek isn’t a soundcard you should be thinking of using if you’re going to broadcast audio on Internet radio. You just won’t get great sound quality and you won’t gain many listeners.

Q: What can you do to remedy the situation?

EASY buy a new PCI soundcard and disable the Realtek onboard soundcard OR upgrade to a new PC that doesn’t have Realtek installed.

I now have a PC with an Intel Soundcard and the audio has never sounded so good.

Its the old adage Crap in = Crap out, If the soundcard isn’t up to scratch your audio quality will suffer.

Do your research look on sites like Amazon or a reputable PC retailers website, A new soundcard shouldn’t have to cost you that much you should be able to get a decent quality one for about £25/£50 ($33/$66)

Realtek soundcards really do suck IMHO!

Last updated on: 11th June 2018
at 10:41 AM Europe/London