Saw a post on a forum from someone saying this:

“Help! I have a message showing on my computer ‘harmful software detected’ how can I remove it from my PC?”

Malware spy

We’re guessing this person has either visited some “dodgy website” or downloaded some “pirated software” and is now surprised that their PC is acting up!

We know it’s not always people visiting/downloading from dodgy websites who end up with viruses and malware on their PC. Malware can be spread in lots of ways. It can also be spread by adverts on websites or attachments in email.

A few tips to keep yourself safe from Malware and Viruses/Trojans on your PC.

1) Install a decent Anti-Virus solution

(Windows Defender seems to work OK for us on Windows 10 as we aren’t downloading dodgy software!)

2) Install Ad-block Plus on your browser. Adding Ad-block plus to your browser should help block any dangerous malware laden adverts.

Fact: Advertisers/Website owners hate Ad-block add-ons for browsers because they block quite a lot of advertisements

3) Only ever download software installation files for your PC from a reputable source or manufacturers website.

Pirated software is often altered to add nasty viruses/malware into the patches/cracks etc…

4) Be careful of links/attachments in an Email. If you do NOT know the sender of that message then do NOT open any links/attachments in that email.

Delete/Mark as Spam and add the sender to the blocked list if your email provider supports that.

5) Software downloaded from a link someone gave you to a file sharing site could also contain viruses or malware.

So be careful before you click on any link to download something.

As stated on number 3: Its probably best if you download a piece of software direct from the manufacturers website.

If you’re in any doubt after you download something run an Anti-virus/malware scan

There’s an Online Scanner or you can use a reputable anti-virus program to see if the program installation files are safe to use.

Be warned: These AV scanners can sometimes throw up False/Positive results.

They may ask you to provide details/links to where you downloaded their software from.

Remember: Trojans/Viruses/Malware could be used to steal your personal information.

e.g Bank details/Ebay/PayPAL account logins/passwords

If this user got this harmful software via something they downloaded from a torrent/pirate site then It might be a good idea for them to STOP downloading pirated software and dodgy files

If you are struggling to get rid of spyware, malware or viruses from your PC then we recommend you reinstall your Windows OS from scratch as its the only guaranteed way to shift malware.

Hopefully after you reinstall you shouldn’t make the same mistake TWICE?!

Last updated on: 16th August 2019
at 14:44 PM Europe/London