I checked my Twitter account recently and saw a tweet asking me this:

@DJGarybaldy have you got a key? Just want to start myself off with the basic SAM Broadcaster Pro

Said: Anonymous

OK so why the hell would I have a key for SAM Broadcaster Pro? I cannot abide that piece of software its been the cause of so much frustration and grief.

My reply was the usual:

It again shows me the lengths that some people will go to to get their hands on a pirated copy of SAM Broadcaster.

I could understand it if SAM Broadcaster Pro was a reliable stable program but sadly it isn’t

There have been lots of complaints about the stability of the latest release. So why anyone would want to pirate it is beyond me.

However RadioDJ will perform a lot better than some warez/pirate version of SAM Broadcaster ever could.

In fact RadioDJ has NEVER let us down in all the years we’ve used it.

How To Install RadioDJ

Now bugger off and don’t ask me again for any keys & NO I don’t want to talk to you about it!

Last updated on: 20th October 2019
at 15:47 PM Europe/London