We’ve been RadioDJ users for a long time now (Just over 9 and a half years)

I noticed when the program was firing up the other day that the Copyright said 2009-2019, so RadioDJ has existed in some form or another for 10 years.

We’ve been users of RadioDJ since v1.3.7.0 we’ve seen it grow from small acorns to being a fully fledged piece of radio automation software, Which as we speak is being used by thousands of radio stations all over the world.

RadioDJ v1.6.0

Back when v1.6.0 came out in 2011 it was just as good as had been, We ended up running 2 copies of 1.6.0 on my Dell XP laptop, 1 streaming a stations backup stream (now defunct and yes the station was licensed) and another copy of RadioDJ just automating the music for our own personal (private) Shoutcast stream.


Then there was the beta testing as v1.6.1 was released. RadioDJ went from being an ugly duckling (I’m going on the grey colour of v1.3.7.0) into being a beautiful Swan.

With a new interface design and plugin structure, it just got better and better every time Marius brought out another beta then by the time we’d gotten to RC (Release Candidate) the program was just so more powerful than previous versions.

The releases kept coming thick and fast and before we knew where were were we’d arrived at v1.8.2.0 which stood the test of time with a lot of radio people, over 220,000 people downloaded RadioDJ v1.8.2 which made people realise just how popular the software was becoming.

Then just before Christmas (December 22, 2017) RadioDJ v2.0.0.0 born and was even more amazing than the earlier versions of the software had been. With some nifty features, a colour editing tool and a user control feature it was just another amazing milestone in what has been a great piece of software.

As I write this we’re beta testing & I reckon the release of v2.0.1.7 isn’t that far off.

RadioDJ does what it says on the tin… Its ultra reliable, It hardly ever goes wrong, and its amazingly coded.

Congratulations Marius on this monumental anniversary, 10 years of great and quite frankly amazing FREE radio automation software.

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Last updated on: 28th November 2019
at 13:11 PM Europe/London