Now RadioDJ has the ability to take listener requests from a website. I thought I would just do a small article on how best to go about handling RadioDJ requests within the program.

In order to stay within DMCA rules you need to delay a request for at least 60 minutes (Especially if you run a station in the USA)

This is a good way of delaying a request in RadioDJ. When setting a rotation up make sure it’s at least 12-13 songs long.

(That roughly covers 1 hour of Auto-DJ based on song duration’s of 4-5 minutes)

Just add 1 or 2 “Track from requests” at the end of the rotation and click save.

See picture for an example.

Click to enlarge

We found that it’s roughly between 60-90 minutes before we heard the song that had been requested via my website.

Hopefully it should cover your station under DMCA rules.

So if your station is using RadioDJ for requests this is a good way to keep within the DMCA guidelines.

We hope this is useful.

Last updated on: 4th May 2018
at 15:14 PM Europe/London