So RadioDJ now has a working online request system via the DEMO request template

Something SAM Broadcaster has had the ability to do since v1.3.

The song at the top of the playlist marked blue is one I just placed in the queue via my website.

Screenshot from 2013-06-24 15:32:09

It’s not that difficult to setup the request system. If you allow port forwarding on your router & website or VPS.

Just point the config file to your IP address and MySQL database.

A tutorial for setting up RadioDJ requests can be found Here.

RadioDJ can stream to Shoutcast/Icecast via an streaming plugin which can be found Here or alternatively you could use a stand alone piece of encoding software

You can find the latest version of RadioDJ by clicking on the logo below.

Download RadioDJ v2

(If the link isn’t working for you right click and “Save link As”)

What are you waiting for give RadioDJ a spin today you may be pleasantly surprised by how well it works.

Should you have issues setting RadioDJ up help is available on the This page

Or you can ask for help on the Community Forums

Now RadioDJ has request capabilities no one needs to pay $$$ for radio automation software ever again.

Technically that’s: Game Over SAM Broadcaster!

Last updated on: 24th May 2018
at 13:23 PM Europe/London