Been watching a topic on the Spacial forums where a long time user of SAM Broadcaster is complaining about really bad distortion on his stream.

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We’ve never been able to get a decent quality professional sound in SAM Broadcaster even with a knowledge of equalisers/sound processing.

Even using DSP plugins such as Stereo tool. We would always end up with distortion/crap audio even though all our music tracks were volume levelled.

This is not the first time I’ve done a post about the terrible audio quality in SAM Broadcaster.

It appears nothing much has changed since then, Tested the newest version of SAM Broadcaster recently and still thought the audio quality was really poor compared to the audio output from RadioDJ.

A new user of RadioDJ recently said this about the audio quality in RadioDJ

How To Install RadioDJ

The user who is having these audio problems with SAM Broadcaster appears to have had enough of the program and it’s random “problems” & is actually thinking of changing software.

Who knows maybe he’ll get better sounding audio from that piece of software rather than the poor distorted audio quality in SAM Broadcaster.

Another user of RadioDJ had this to say…

The audio quality in SAM Broadcaster sounds amateurish at best and that’s even with properly ripped/levelled music files.

The last thing you need as a DJ is poor sounding audio, people just won’t listen to you if the stream sounds distorted.

Last updated on: 5th September 2019
at 13:05 PM Europe/London