Free SAM Broadcaster – Limited Offer?

I woke up this morning and switched the PC on, I saw a tweet in the SAM Broadcaster feed.

“Free SAM Broadcaster – Limited Offer”

I went to the link in the tweet and it landed on a page on the “all software discount” website which gave some blurb about SAM Broadcaster Cloud and a FREE trial.

Free SAM Broadcaster? – Limited Offer!

I clicked the link where it said “Claim this exclusive offer” which then took me to the Spacial Audio website…

SAM Broadcaster Cloud trial

As you can see from the above picture once you land on the Spacial website the supposed “FREE trial” actually costs $25.

How many more times do we have to tell people?

“There is NO such thing as a “Free copy of SAM Broadcaster” all Spacial Audio products end up costing you $$$”

SAM Broadcaster & all other Spacial products come with trial periods of 51 hours/14 days but after that it costs hundreds of $$$ to purchase and even then you don’t own the software you only LEASE it.

Their online solution SAM Broadcaster Cloud costs from $5 upwards a month to use.

We think this was a “stunt” orchestrated by the Spacial Audio marketing department, Who seem to be getting desperate for sales, Now most small webcasters in the USA have been forced off air because of the CRB rulings.

We really hate it when Spacial Audio try to pull a fast one by trying to make out that SAM Broadcaster and its related products are free, When they clearly AREN’T!

However there is a totally FREE alternative in the shape of RadioDJ FREE radio automation software.


RadioDJ doesn’t come with any trial periods. It’s a fully fledged radio automation program with NO limits or hidden fees!

You can run as many copies of RadioDJ without it costing you $$$, You can only run 1 radio station per licence with SAM Broadcaster.

How To Install RadioDJ

If you wanted to run multiple Shoutcast/Icecast streams with SAM the $$$ soon starts racking up.

“SAM Broadcaster and its associated products NEVER have been and never will be FREE”

Spacial Audio have also tried the same trick with a few videos on YouTube. Needless to say they’ve been commented on!

So Spacial can you PLEASE stop spreading BULLSHIT! on the Internet about a free SAM Broadcaster??

It makes your company look desperate for sales of your overpriced naff software!

Last updated on: 12th September 2018
at 11:13 AM Europe/London