We couldn’t seem to find a great deal of “free radio broadcasting software” listed on Google.


“However software for broadcasting an Internet radio station with need not cost you lots of $$$”

Here are some of the best free radio software offerings on the market.

1) RadioDJ

RadioDJ is a FREE radio automation program which knocks spots off paid for solutions.

In the words of one user:

“Really loving the new version of RadioDJ. Definitely one of the most stable radio automation products out there and outshines even those you would have to mortgage the house to buy”

RadioDJ it can work for days/weeks/months without a restart, one user reported an uptime of over 2 years with v1.8.2.

RadioDJ runs with an SQL database also newer versions require at least .NET 4.6.1 & is supported on Windows 7/8/10

Please Note: Due to .NET 4.6.1 not installing on Windows XP RadioDJ v2.0.0 won’t work on that OS if you wish to use RadioDJ on XP you will have to stick with an older (unsupported) version

How To Install RadioDJ

2) MB Recaster


Is a free encoding program that allows you have 4 encoders (Shoutcast v1/v2 Icecast v2)

You can find a download of MB Recaster Here

3) Sound Empire Caster ($0.00) (Shoutcast v1 v2 & Icecast)

This is standalone encoder that recently came to my attention.

You can find a download of SE Caster Here

Please note: You use SE Caster at your own risk while some AV scanners think the files are safe we cannot guarantee they’ll work on your system without issues.

“There are a couple more free radio automation programs out there but they are very much in beta/testing stages. When they are available for release and are tested stable then we will decide if they should be added to this list”

There are also some handy free utilities available on This page

Software for broadcasting on the Internet needn’t cost you the earth.

“While some software/stream offerings may be free. Not everything involved with Internet radio is! To be legal in your country of origin you will need to pay out for a licence to broadcast”

That is of course unless you want to risk it being a Pirate radio station.

Happy Streaming!!

P.S: There is nothing misleading in promoting freely available software. In some case the word FREE really does mean FREE.

Last updated on: 26th June 2019
at 10:03 AM Europe/London