I like some of the searches I see coming from Google analytics.

One of the searches recently was for free radio broadcast automation software.

We’re guessing they were probably looking for an alternative to another well known radio automation program.

If you’re in the market for some FREE radio broadcasting software.

Then you need Radio DJ FREE radio automation software.

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RadioDJ is a pretty fantastic piece of kit we’ve used it since 2010 & its not caused us one bit of stress its certainly not let us down like other automation software.

Considering it’s free it comes packed with some pretty awesome features.

There are more great reasons like the “Online request system” or the new “Colour editing tool” but we will let you download and install RadioDJ and play with it and see for yourself.

How To Install RadioDJ

Of course should you have any issues setting things up then just head to the RadioDJ Community Forums for more help and advice.

Top Tip: Try searching the RadioDJ forums for an answer to your problem.

There’s a good chance your question has been answered a few times before!

You can also find some other FREE software in this Category

There are also some handy stand alone encoding software options on This page

You don’t need to spend $$$ on online radio automation software EVER again.

RadioDJ is FREE radio broadcast automation software that will outperform other paid for solutions.

Last updated on: 14th August 2019
at 09:45 AM Europe/London