Q: Are you looking for pirated copies of radio automation software such as SAM Broadcaster?

SAM Crack

A: Why are you bothering? Cracked/Pirated software could cause you all sorts of headaches.

How many more times do we need to say this?

However you do NOT need a pirated copy of radio automation software like SAM Broadcaster

When you have RadioDJ FREE radio automation software.

RadioDJ free radio automation software

RadioDJ is a 100% FREE alternative to a cracked copy of SAM Broadcaster & will outperform any pirated/warez versions of that piece of software.

How To Install RadioDJ

RadioDJ comes with no catches, no hidden fees, no registration keys & no patches, the software is exactly as you see it!

RadioDJ is free for use by any budding radio DJ or radio station anywhere in the world.

There are ZERO restrictions with RadioDJ & If your computer is powerful enough you could run multiple radio streams using virtual audio cables.

Avoiding viruses/malware is the best reason NOT to use pirated software.

You’ll be a lot happier when your computer isn’t crashing because you’ve decided to download/install a piece of pirated software!

Stop looking for pirated versions of software like SAM Broadcaster!! The risks far outweigh the benefits.

Last updated on: 11th August 2019
at 12:30 PM Europe/London