Firebird Database SAM Broadcaster

SAM Broadcaster comes with four different options of database install.

Firebird – MySQL – PostgreSQL – MSSQL

Of the 4 different database options that come with SAM Broadcaster, Firebird appears to be the most unstable database of the four options.

We often see someone complaining that the Firebird database in SAM Broadcaster has crashed on them.

The Firebird database only allows you to load a maximum of 50,000 songs into SAM Broadcaster. So it’s not great if you have a huge music collection.

The MySQL database in SAM Broadcaster doesn’t fare much better as that’s also prone to crashing or becoming corrupted especially if SAM crashes without warning.

You can find a tutorial on how to setup a MySQL Server for use with RadioDJ Here

The SQL database in RadioDJ is far more stable and lets you load as many songs as you need.

How To Install RadioDJ

The database in RadioDJ seems to be a lot more robust and stable. It’s 4 years since we last rebuilt the database from scratch.

The Firebird database that comes with SAM Broadcaster just isn’t fit for purpose. It’s just another reason to stop buying software from Spacial Audio.

**Update July 2017**

Spacial Audio’s code monkeys appear to have done some work to the Firebird Table structure.

We will wait to see what we see from users of the software as to whether this makes SAM Broadcaster more stable (Only time will tell)

**Update Jan 2019**

We’ve recently seen someone still having stability issues using Firebird with SAM Broadcaster. Nothing ever changes its the same old broken software.

Last updated on: 16th August 2019
at 08:26 AM Europe/London