Seen a few blog posts about a new feature that’s being rolled out on Facebook “Live Audio” aimed at podcasters and online radio broadcasters

Which will enable anyone to stream audio out from their phone/tablet/PC to anyone who want to listen to it. Listeners will tune in via a piece of HTML code that you have to activate on your page.

I’m sure Facebook will have tutorials on embedding it into your page/profile etc…

You already have Live video but this will just be audio which is going to be great for online radio stations they will be able to stream live shows on Facebook and gain more listeners.

Its currently being tested by organisations such as the BBC World Service & LBC

While (I think) this will be great for some Internet radio stations, I have to question who is going to Police this especially when there will be people who don’t have licences to stream churning out music on the service?

Or is this likely to put the licensing systems/companies noses out of joint? It’s also likely to piss off the broadcasters who do pay for licences…

They can’t prosecute everyone on Facebook for streaming illegal content can they? That would be millions of users in deep water, Do the licensing companies have that much manpower?.

Still I guess we will have to find out what the ramifications are and what the TOS (Terms of service) say when its launched to everyone.

I may even try and stream the music I’m listening to daily it’ll help pass the time. Everyone needs a hobby!