Just seen a post on the Spacial forums from a user using SAM Broadcaster Cloud to stream in Second Life.


He appears to be suffering with those dreaded “buffering” issues with the SAM Broadcaster Cloud broadcast control.

SAM Broadcaster Cloud Buffering.

The user has stated that he’s restarted SAM Broadcaster, His computer, His Internet router & everything else he could think of and the problem is still persists.

Things like this should NEVER happen with radio automation software and the associated cloud services!

Some users have also been getting this message in the error logs when trying to connect to SAM Broadcaster Cloud servers.

“SAM Cloud encoder having trouble reconnecting will try again in 10 seconds”

Buffering used to happen all the time with their Winamp DSP encoders.

“When I start a deck or start cloud with decks running its stuck on buffering. Anyone got a solution?”

The fact the buffering issue is still happening with newer versions of their software should be ringing alarm bells!

Its another long standing bug that has never been addressed.

They appear to lurch from one bad release to another year on year.

Last updated on: 18th September 2019
at 17:57 PM Europe/London