Just when I think Spacial Audio support can’t sink any lower I see this on the Facebook page for SAM Broadcaster.

A user is having issues with the encoders in SAM Broadcaster disconnecting on him every 5 minutes.

I’ve written about the Encoders in SAM Broadcaster being dodgy before!

Spacial Audio support have come back to this user and stated because he isn’t using their “Streaming” (SpacialNet) services they can’t help him.

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Does anyone else see the problem here?

The user has stated that his stream host isn’t having any issues. Last time I looked Voscast had a pretty decent uptime.

So it seems yet again the problem lies within SAM Broadcaster and it’s “dodgy” encoders!

You should know the drill by now: Don’t buy SAM Broadcaster or any software product from Spacial Audio

“Don’t Stream with Spacial? You’ll get little or no support when something goes wrong”

Its just another reason software such as RadioDJ rocks because that has great support via the Community Forums

Last updated on: 12th September 2017
at 11:16 AM Europe/London