I’m sat here asking myself the same question I seem to keep asking myself every once in a while.

“Why do I even bother to help some people? When all I get back is abuse!”

Answer: Because I’m good like that!

I’ve helped out on the RadioDJ forums for a few years now.

Most of the time it’s been fine, But every so often you get that one person who thinks it’s OK to take the piss

If it’s not one forum it’s another where I seem to get abuse from Trolls hiding behind their keyboards.

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“The Internet Broadcasting community on the whole has some shallow self centred people in it. Who are only out for themselves & to hell with everyone else”

Years ago back in 2002 when I first got the chance to broadcast on the Internet things couldn’t have been better.

It was something I used to enjoy doing but now because of the abuse my anxiety levels are stopping me from doing a hobby I used to have a lot of passion for.

I splashed out on a new mixing desk a few years ago It’s never really been used.

“All the enjoyment seems to have been taken out of Internet radio by people who think it’s OK to treat someone like SHIT because they have a different opinion to yours”

If things don’t improve soon then it’ll be goodbye to helping people on forums.

I’m far too long in the tooth for the MIND GAMES!

I’m really a nice person! Unless you try and take me for a mug!

That’s because I’m a true Capricorn… I never forget when someone has done wrong towards me.

Top Tip: Don’t bite the hand that feeds you!!

Last updated on: 17th August 2018
at 15:11 PM Europe/London