I look at the SAM Broadcaster feed on Twitter most days to try and see if anyone is still offering illegal cracked copies of the software.

This morning someone shared a link to a video on YouTube with a link to a cracked copy of SAM Broadcaster.

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“What got my back up was when I pulled the person up about the fact they were hawking cracked copies of SAM Broadcaster. They seemed to think what they were doing was legitimate and above board”

Erm! NO you complete and utter TURD! Hawking illegal copies of paid for software such as SAM Broadcaster isn’t cool or right.

It’s merely still a drop in the ocean though.

Spacial Audio we think you might have a slight problem with people wanting to pirate your software!

If you think it’s cool to offer or supply downloads of a SAM Broadcaster Crack then you really are an Amateur and shouldn’t be doing Internet radio.

STOP Don’t Be a TURD!!! Just download RadioDJ instead.

RadioDJ free radio automation software

“RadioDJ is a FREE radio automation program that doesn’t require any keys/patches/cracks in order to work or unlock benefits and features of the program”

How To Install RadioDJ

RadioDJ will outperform SAM for reliability and stability – one user has had RadioDJ running for over 30 months on an old laptop.

Radio DJ will work far better than any pirated copy of SAM Broadcaster you found just lying around on the Internet!

Last updated on: 25th July 2019
at 10:05 AM Europe/London