D.M.C.A Statement

This page was written by the Server Administrator in conjunction with the Website Owner (hereafter referred to as ‘Us’ or ‘We’).

On the 30th July 2015, We received two Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) notices from a third party software provider in relation to this website. These were promptly responded to, and the DMCA notice was retracted.

However, this action has led Us to give clarification on the content of this site and material hosted on it, so here it is:

This website is dedicated to radio automation software, in particular a piece of free radio automation software called RadioDJ.

If you search this blog, you will find many keywords relating to cracks, serials, key generators etc… These are all in the context of (e.g.) “Why use pirate software when there is a free, legal alternative” without exception.

We would like to emphasise that we do not condone the use of, or distribution of any of the above materials.
However, We do promote the use of legally available free software (sometimes referred to as Freeware). The piece of free software being promoted on this site is RadioDJ. You can find a copy of RadioDJ’s own licence agreement here.

This site is a personal website and is in no way affiliated with RadioDJ, nor do we receive any form of benefits, remuneration or compensation (either directly or indirectly) for promoting the use of RadioDJ.

Use of screenshots

Most images on this site are screenshots. The use of screenshots is generally considered fair use: “Reproduction for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship or research is not copyright infringement. This probably covers most blogs and personal websites.” Source: LawGeek

I think my work has been copied!

If you believe your work has been copied in any way that is likely to constitute copyright infringement, please contact Us in the first instance using the address below and We will remedy the situation as soon as possible and inform you once completed. Please state which page you believe is infringing copyright, and which specific item or section.

Please note this address is for DMCA complaints only with valid information supplied, and all other unsolicited e-mail will not be answered.

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