Have you ever fancied creating your own online DIY radio station?

Its not as difficult as you might think and is really easy to setup.

What do you actually need to create an online radio station?

You can pick Microphones and mixing desks cheap on sites like eBay I paid around £90 for my mixer and around £50-60 on a Microphone.

You need to route the microphone through a mixing desk into the line-in (blue socket) on the back of your PC and then get software such as Voicemeeter to route your voice through to the output which then can be picked up by a stand alone encoding software.

Next you’ll be wanting some radio automation software to spin your tunes with, for this we recommend RadioDJ

RadioDJ free radio automation software

RadioDJ runs on .NET (At least 3.5 & 4.6.1) and a MYSQL server & is tested working on most versions of Windows (7/8/10)

Note: Due to .NET 4.6.1 not installing on XP machines you will have to upgrade your machine to use the latest versions of RadioDJ otherwise you’re stuck on v1.8.2

We’ve used RadioDJ since 2011 & we find its pretty reliable and stable once you have it setup

“For more help and advice about RadioDJ please feel free to join the community forum

Now you have your music setup and playing & perfected your vocals, Then you need setup an encoder to connect to your Shoutcast or Icecast server and you do this using Stand alone encoding software.

You can find cheap or even free Shoutcast or Icecast servers by searching Google

Its really not difficult to setup an encoder you just need to choose which format to stream in, enter your port number and IP/address. Your cast address with look something like this IP:Port (e.g:

Your server setup details will usually be emailed to you, the password will be the password they email you or the one you chose during setup.

TIP: Write the server details down you will need them when you come to setup your encoder!

Most stations generally stream out at 128kbps mp3, However most free servers have capped bandwidth and some services only allow you to stream at 64kbps or lower.

Once you have everything setup and you’ve done a voice/stream check and tweaked the settings of your audio then it will be time to go live…

Try to attract listeners using Social Media. (But don’t spam anyone that won’t get you very far)

Also try to build a decent website not too cluttered or ugly! With lots of helpful information and links about your station, you could even take requests if you wanted to.

These are just the basics as to how you get started & there’s only so much I can fit into a post. If in doubt search Google for help and advice the answers are out there if you search hard enough,

Above anything else ENJOY yourself Internet radio can be great fun once you get used to streaming.

Who knows your online radio station may just be the next big thing…

Last updated on: 7th November 2019
at 16:43 PM Europe/London