We knew Spacial Audio support were utterly useless but we didn’t know they were totally CLUELESS as well.

A user having an activation issue with SAM Broadcaster has posted on the SAM Broadcaster forums hoping to get help as support seem to have “gone quiet” in his words.

Users shouldn’t be having activation headaches with software especially if they’re about to do a live show on the Internet. God forbid they should actually want to stream a station.

We’re ever so slightly confused as to why Spacial support suggested he uninstall the MySQL server

The database structure in SAM Broadcaster has nothing to do with the activation of the program. MySQL wouldn’t be causing “activation issues” within a piece of software its a totally separate program.

We’ve blogged a few times about Spacial Audio support being lacklustre.

Users are paying out hundreds if not thousands for Spacial Audio products and they struggle to get the correct advice/help when they do eventually get an answer.

Yet again we find ourselves having to say…

“Forget SAM Broadcaster and its activation issues, Switch to something else that doesn’t require activation such as RadioDJ!”

RadioDJ is 100% FREE radio automation software with no keys/catches or issues.

RadioDJ v2.0.0

How To Install RadioDJ

We wish we knew why people keep buying software from Spacial Audio. Not only are they morally bankrupt as a company, The support team seem utterly clueless when it comes to the software they are supposed to be supporting.

It seems to all intents and purposes that the people manning the Spacial support department don’t care about the customers.

“Bitch too much and they will terminate your service…like they did to me last time 2 weeks ago”

Yet again it sounds like Spacial Audio are terminating peoples accounts because they dared to complain about the bad software offerings/customer service.

That certainly isn’t they way to treat paying customers!

Don’t buy software from Spacial Audio you will only end up regretting that purchase when you don’t get the help you require when something goes badly wrong.

Last updated on: 29th June 2019
at 16:28 PM Europe/London