Yet again I’ve had a user of RadioDJ tell me that Norton Antivirus keeps flagging up the RadioDJ program files as having malware.

Well that’s bloody annoying now isn’t it? We had the same issue with Avast before we stopped using that a few years ago, We just rely on Windows Defender these days and that keeps us safe.

So where are these Antivirus solutions getting the idea from that the RadioDJ website is dangerous from?

I’ve blogged before about Antivirus software having issues with the RadioDJ.exe program file.

TIP: Simple solution to this is add the RadioDJ program folder/installer files to your list of allowed software in Windows Defender and your Antivirus software that way you’ll have RadioDJ running without any interference.

Yet again I find myself having to say…

“There is NO Malware nor are there any Viruses in RadioDJ, Not in the program folders, the plugins or the website”Believe us It’s SAFE!

Last updated on: 16th August 2018
at 10:58 AM Europe/London