Time To Create Your Own Internet Radio Station?


Have you ever wanted to stream online? It’s NOT as difficult as you might think to start your own radio station.

The main things you will need are

1) A decent broadband connection to the Internet (Minimum of 2mbps upload)
2) A decent music collection on your PC. (Minimum of 2500 tracks)
3) A lot of time and patience don’t expect to learn everything in 5 minutes

Please Note: If you have a really poor upload speed you may not be able to stream properly and your stream will buffer and cut out.

To get started you will need a decent music automation program. We recommend RadioDJ free radio automation software for this.

RadioDJ is easy to use once you get it setup.

How To Install RadioDJ

Should you run into issues running RadioDJ then there is great support on the Community forums

Once you have RadioDJ setup and you’ve imported your music files imported then you need to think about how to stream.

You will need a piece of Standalone encoding software to stream to Shoutcast/Icecast

You can search Google to find some free and some paid for Shoutcast/Icecast servers on Google

Alternatively you can pay monthly for a Shoutcast/Icecast server with listeners slots.

When it comes to stream hosts shop around, ask questions, email a company’s support department before you sign up for anything.

Any good Shoutcast/Icecast hosting company worth their salt will reply (Pretty much straight away if it’s during office hours)

“Beware stream hosts who claim to offer “Unlimited” bandwidth and listener slots. Sometimes their servers aren’t up to the job and you’ll get lost of buffering”

If you’re still unsure what to do, Then do some research on Google or various radio forums.

It’s really not that difficult to run your very own online radio station & when you get used to everything then the world is your lobster!

“To attract listeners make your online station unique and stand out from the crowd. Promote yourself via social media (but don’t spam people)”

Also make sure your website isn’t badly designed either people don’t like cluttered radio station websites.

Happy Streaming!

Last updated on: 4th September 2018
at 12:18 PM Europe/London