Have you ever wanted to create your very own online radio station?

Internetradio Box

Its amazing how many people have got into broadcasting recently I see searches on Google Analytics daily from people starting out in Broadcasting.

FREE amateur radio broadcast software
FREE radio Broadcaster software
FREE internet radio broadcasting software
FREE radio software DJ programs
FREE radio playout software

Have been among some of the recent searches coming through on Google Analytics

One of the best tools for radio broadcasting is RadioDJ it automates like a professional radio playout solution should and the best part is its FREE.

RadioDJ is rock solid at radio automation one user got 4 years uptime from v1.8.2 who knows what your uptime could be?


The download stats don’t lie there are more and more people getting involved with Internet Radio and they’re downloading RadioDJ to stream their music and that is an absolutely fantastic thing.

How To Install RadioDJ

When you have RadioDJ all setup and music imported then you will need a standalone encoder capture the audio from RadioDJ which them streams that audio to a Shoutcast/Icecast server.

Stand Alone Encoding

We’ve recently been trialling Zeno FM as a Free streaming host and I can’t really say I’ve noticed any showstoppers.

I’ve heard good things about Zeno FM from other users.

Remember to make your new station unique don’t be afraid to stand out from the crowd. Think outside of the BOX.

Try and promote your station on Social Media (But don’t spam people) who knows you might attract lots of listeners (I said might)

Last updated on: 26th May 2020
at 16:42 PM Europe/London