Cracking Software Gromit!

You have to wonder what software authors can do against a tide of cracked versions of their software.

It’s a particularly noticeable problem with radio automation software.

After doing a quick search on a newsgroup search engine the results looked like this.

50+ results for DJ Soft’s Radiocaster.
134+ results for DJ Soft’s RadioBoss.
725+ results for SAM Broadcaster.

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I took a screenshot so you can see what I’m on about.

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That’s without needing to do a search on Google or other search engines!

We guess while there is still software out there that requires a registration key there are always going to be people trying to crack those pieces of software.

“Even if the cracks don’t work these idiots will still have a go”

There is NO need for them to download cracked/pirated software.

Especially when software like RadioDJ is available for FREE* (Yes Really)

Download RadioDJ v2

RadioDJ actually works better than some of the paid for software such as SAM Broadcaster and RadioBoss.

You can find out how to install RadioDJ Here

“Hey KIDS! You really don’t need warez/pirated software on your PC! You’re more than likely to run into malware & viruses that way”

Recently the way DJSoft asks users to activate his software has recently been changed in RadioBoss and RadioCaster and the developer of that software will only now allow one instance of his software to be installed on one computer at any time.

So you’re out of luck if you wanted to run more than one station using Radiocaster.

Most of the SAM Broadcaster Cracks and Patches on offer on the Internet won’t work on Windows 10 no matter how hard you try and are possibly also altered to add malware.

We believe Spacial Audio have now coded something into SAM Broadcaster to stop it being patched/cracked/altered.

(Plus only software downloaded from the Spacial user zone can be unlocked/activated)

We know Spacial Audio put in several DMCA notices (Lumen Database) every month to try and stem the tide of cracked copies of their software.

It also seems Spacial Audio thought the posts on this website about cracked/pirated copies of SAM Broadcaster were offering people links to illegal downloads of the program.

Sorry Spacial you were wrong on that score!!

All posts pertaining to cracked/pirated/warez software on this blog are in the context of:

Why use pirated software when there are better FREE legal alternatives out there to use?

Stop using pirated software… No one likes a software pirate!

(*There will eventually be a paid for version of RadioDJ)

Last updated on: February 16th, 2018
at 13:25 PM Europe/London

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