We’ve noticed a rise in people offering & searching for illegal cracked versions of SAM Broadcaster Pro.

“It seems people think it’s OK to have pirated versions of SAM Broadcaster Pro”

SAM Broadcaster costs a lot of $$$ to subscribe to, Even when you do subscribe the software is only leased to you… You don’t own it outright, Spacial Audio could tell you to stop using their software anytime they please..

Why bother with an illegal/cracked/warez copy of SAM Broadcaster anyway?

SAM Crack

You won’t be able to crack/patch the newer versions of SAM Broadcaster no matter how hard you try. Spacial Audio have coded something into the newer versions of SAM, To stop it from being altered/cracked.

By downloading cracked/pirated copies of software you are also opening your PC up to attacks from ransom-ware/malware or other evil nasty Trojans and viruses.

Most of the SAM Broadcaster patches we tested in the past had some really nasty malware in them.


You wouldn’t want someone holding your PC to ransom just because you’ve downloaded a cracked version of some really dodgy software now would you?

You don’t need a SAM Broadcaster Crack when you have RadioDJ

Radio DJ free radio automation software

Save yourself the hassle of having a version of SAM Broadcaster that won’t work as intended and download RadioDJ.

Radio DJ is a FREE studio automation program & it does a far better job at radio automation than any cracked/warez/pirated versions of SAM Broadcaster ever could.

How To Install RadioDJ

No keys – No activations – No patches – No warez – No gimmicks

Just free software that will never let you down.

Remember: NO ONE likes software pirates.

Last updated on: 10th October 2019
at 14:39 PM Europe/London