I’ve done a few blog posts about people wanting cracked/pirated copies of SAM Broadcaster Pro.

When I wrote them I had no idea that those posts would take on a life of their own.

“According to Google analytics) In the last 90 days 22,786+ visitors to my blog have actively been looking at the posts to do with SAM Broadcaster keys/cracks

We knew SAM Broadcaster was a popular program when it came to software being cracked/patched

(SAM Broadcaster v4.2.2 being the most pirated version out there)

SAM Broadcaster 4.2.2

We had no idea that so many people were desperate to get their hands on an illegal copy of SAM Broadcaster but the stats tell us everything

“You will NOT get a cracked/patched copy of SAM Broadcaster 2/3/4.x.x working on Windows 10 No matter how hard you try!”

We also believe Spacial Audio have added code into the newer versions of SAM to stop it being altered/patched/cracked even then you can’t patch or crack a demo version either.

When will these people learn that they DON’T need a SAM Broadcaster crack/patch/key they just need RadioDJ

RadioDJ is a FREE radio automation program that doesn’t require any keys/patches/cracks in order to unlock the full benefits of the program.

RadioDJ works like an automation program should and won’t crash on you like cracked copies of SAM Broadcaster are known to

“Come on people stop trying to crack/pirate SAM Broadcaster”

“SAM Broadcaster really isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. Plus a cracked/warez/pirated copy will never work properly for you and will probably crash lots

You can download RadioDJ for FREE (No Catches or Hidden fees) by clicking on the picture below.

How To Install RadioDJ

“Once you get used to what RadioDJ does you’ll wonder why you ever bothered with a dodgy copy of SAM Broadcaster”

Last updated on: 14th August 2018
at 16:07 PM Europe/London