Configuring your firewall

If you’re just running RadioDJ with no webpage linked to the RadioDJ database, then you probably don’t want to add any exceptions to your firewall.

If you’re using a request system and need this extra functionality, you’ll first of all need to make sure your web host has the right ports open. Without this, there’s no point proceeding any further on this article. Check the database utility > Database installation tab. You’ll see the IP address of your server in the MySQL Server box. If there’s a colon followed by more numbers at the end, this is your port number. If there’s no colon, you’re probably using the default port 3306.

You’ll also need to configure port forwarding on your router as well, google the manufacturer’s instruction manual for this bit.

Now for the easy part, configuring the firewall.

Right click the start button and select command prompt (Admin) and if you’re using port 3306 simply paste this script in.

netsh advfirewall firewall add rule name="MySQL Server" action=allow protocol=TCP dir=in localport=3306

If you’re using any other port number, simply change the number at the end to match your port. You should get a simple OK to acknowledge the change.

This will only configure the Windows firewall, not third party ones like Norton. You’ll need to configure them separately.

Last updated on: 16th February 2019
at 19:32 PM Europe/London