Ok Lets Get This Straight! I Don’t Write Code

Someone on a forum thinks I write the code for RadioDJ free radio automation software.

OK Lets Get This Straight! I don’t write code for software I wouldn’t know where to start.

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Last updated on: 16th October 2019
at 11:55 AM Europe/London

So Does That Mean I’m Retired?

I’ve made my mind up that my days as a DJ are coming to an end. This hasn’t been an easy decision but alas…

The pain from the Carpal tunnel syndrome in my wrists mixed with the pain from Osteoarthritis/Spondylitis makes it difficult to concentrate some days.

I have days where I just cannot do things because either my hands. back or hips are causing me immense pain.

Retired DJ

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Last updated on: 7th September 2018
at 15:10 PM Europe/London

Reasons Not To Use Sam Broadcaster Pro

Reasons why you shouldn't use SAM Broadcaster Pro

We can think of quite a few reasons you might want to choose an alternative to SAM Broadcaster Pro or Studio, but here’s a collection we’ve put together.

Lousy Customer Support

When you pay $$$ for software you would expect help and support if something went wrong.

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Last updated on: 13th December 2019
at 10:50 AM Europe/London

Cracked Versions Of Sam Broadcaster Pro

We’ve noticed a rise in people offering & searching for illegal cracked versions of SAM Broadcaster Pro.

SAM Broadcaster Pro

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Last updated on: 3rd May 2020
at 16:40 PM Europe/London

Damn You Antivirus Software!!

Yet again I’ve had a user of RadioDJ tell me that Norton Antivirus keeps flagging up the RadioDJ program files as having malware.

Well that’s bloody annoying now isn’t it? We had the same issue with Avast before we stopped using that a few years ago, We just rely on Windows Defender these days and that keeps us safe.

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Last updated on: 15th July 2019
at 13:09 PM Europe/London