It seems that most of the file sharing sites have problems with software pirates.

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Earlier today someone shared a link to a cracked copy of SAM Broadcaster on Twitter.

I thought I better report it to the website concerned as it’s “Illegal software” that’s being offered.

So I hit “Report Abuse” and gave them all the details as to the software author (Spacial Audio) etc.

Only to be told via email that they can’t take the pirated file down.

“We can only take action if copyright holder informs us about the copyright infringement into the correct sample according to DMCA”

So what’s the point in having a “report abuse” function on your website if you can’t act on people sharing pirated software?

It’s like you’re giving the “TURDS” (My term for software pirates) a licence to crack, hawk and share whatever software they want without any consequences.

In future if I see a link to pirated copies of SAM Broadcaster on 4shared or any other file sharing site.

I’m not going to even bother reporting it as it appears it’s a WASTE OF TIME!

As you were turds! “Carry On Pirating” no one seems bothered by illegal activity on the Internet anymore.

Last updated on: 7th September 2018
at 15:12 PM Europe/London