Saw this in among the search terms used on this website recently.

“Can’t get SAM Broadcaster to install on Windows 10”

We’re guessing this person was trying to install a really old version of the software.

SAM Broadcaster won't install on Windows 10

We tried to install SAM 4.x.x on Windows 10 recently as part of a test after the anniversary updates & it wouldn’t get past the database setup part of the install.

SAM Broadcaster v4.2.2

So not only will SAM 4.x.x not work on Windows 10 the database structure won’t work/install on newer database servers (MySQL)

If you’re one of those users struggling to get an old copy of SAM Broadcaster to install on Windows 10.

Forget OLD copies of SAM Broadcaster they never worked properly no matter what PC or operating system we tried them on.

The 4.x.x versions of SAM were just awful and used to crash/freeze a lot.

Just download and install RadioDJ FREE radio automation software.

RadioDJ free radio automation software

One user of RadioDJ recently reported his copy of RadioDJ v1.8.2 had been running for 4 years

RadioDJ is very much the FUTURE of radio automation software.

Once installed, setup & working RadioDJ will perform like a star it works flawlessly for us everytime we go to use it…

How To Install RadioDJ

If you have any issues with RadioDJ then you can find help on the RadioDJ Community forums

RadioDJ Community Forums

Last updated on: 26th December 2019
at 15:59 PM Europe/London