This is a question that gets asked quite often on the RadioDJ forums.

Can you transmit a show from a remote location, Quite easily with the right tools.

RadioDJ and Sound Empire Caster

It is entirely possible to broadcast from an outside location (OB: Outside Broadcast) using a Laptop, Mixer/Voicemeeter, RadioDJ and a standalone encoder

Its really not that much different to broadcasting from a studio/bedroom and thanks to technology its perfectly simple to get your live outside broadcast on air.

You would (with permission) stream your audio signal as usual to your Shoutcast/Icecast server using the Wi-Fi at your location (If the Wi-Fi signal supports streaming)

Otherwise you will need access to an Ethernet port/Mobile Data connection if the Wi-Fi signal isn’t available for streaming.

Take your time and work to minimise gremlins in the system before going ahead with the Outside Broadcast It will pay dividends with the quality of your broadcast.

If you’re still nervous about the outside broadcast not working take a few deep breaths… I’m sure it will all work out in the end.

Last updated on: 12th September 2019
at 15:35 PM Europe/London