For the past few years we’ve used Virtualbox to run Windows 7/10 on Ubuntu Studio so we could run RadioDJ..


For the most part its worked relatively OK but there were always issues I couldn’t quite put my finger on or fix.

Recently we’ve been having a few ongoing Audio Issues

When we first started having these Issues I posted on Oracle’s VirtualBox forums only to be told

I know I wasn’t imagining things…

When the issue got worse I again went to ask for help again on the VirtualBox forums only to get short shrift off one of the moderators for daring to complain.

Its a common theme with most software forums sadly.

The moderator said we were causing him unnecessary suffering by complaining about the audio issues I & several other users appeared to be having with Virtualbox.

As you can imagine my jaw dropped at that one!

If the moderators on the Virtualbox forums can’t deal with people’s complaints on the Internet I dread to think how they converse in normal life.

In another post I was told I wasn’t actually a “customer” because I wasn’t paying for the software.

So the users of the free part of software aren’t important enough to a company such as Oracle then? We’re not allowed to complain about issues?

All a bit pathetic if you ask me. You don’t treat anyone like that on a support forum

We switched to VMware Player for our virtualisation software recently and haven’t had a single blip in the audio since we set Windows 10 up.

VMware player

The audio in VMware hasn’t stuttered or popped so we’d call it reliable unlike Virtualbox…

Is it too much to ask for when using software to ask for a version that isn’t full of bugs?

It seems I’ve had a run of bad luck with certain pieces of software in the past.

Sorry Oracle never again will we use one of your products, You might want to review who has moderator privileges on the Virtualbox forums as some of them aren’t up to the job.

If I spoke to people on the RadioDJ forums the way they spoke to me on the VB forums I wouldn’t be moderating.

Last updated on: 15th September 2019
at 11:44 AM Europe/London