Starting out doing Internetradio as a hobby can seem daunting at first but when you get used to streaming it can be a great hobby to have.

In order to start streaming on the internet you will need the following…

1) A decent computer with a decent processor and at least 1GB RAM. Plus an operating system later than Windows Vista.

You can pick up computers with decent specifications 4GB+ for very little money these days

2) A decent music collection (at least 2000 tracks) make sure you use mp3 files ripped at 320Kbps (CBR) or FLAC if you have the disk space.

3) A decent radio automation program. We recommend RadioDJ for this.

RadioDJ free radio automation software internet radio

How To Install RadioDJ

4) A decent encoding program. In order to stream to a Shoutcast or Icecast server you will need an encoding program. We recommend These encoding programs for this.

5) A Shoutcast or Icecast server. You can find some providers on the Internet who provide these for free if you search Google for “Free Shoutcast” or “Free Icecast”

6) A decent audio mixing board. You can pick these up on eBay or DJ stores at reasonable prices.


7) A decent Microphone. A cheap microphone may not make you sound right so I’d recommend spending a fair bit on a microphone.

It’s really not that difficult to learn how to run an internet radio station.

If you get really stuck there’s lots of information out there on the Internet. Keep an eye out on Forums & Twitter for radio stations owners who are looking to hire someone.

Who knows you could well be the next big thing in Internet radio!!

Happy streaming and above anything else enjoy yourself!

Last updated on: 7th May 2020
at 14:09 PM Europe/London